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Stork's Nest Education Classes


The Stork's Nest is a program at UM BWMC for pregnant women. The program consists of eight, hour-long education classes held at the Pascal Women's Center at UM BWMC. Class topics include the importance of prenatal care, what to expect during labor and delivery, breastfeeding, basic infant care and safe sleeping. The program uses a point-based incentive system. Participants can earn points by attending Stork's Nest educational classes, going to their prenatal care appointments, and adopting healthy behaviors. These points can then be used to shop at the Stork’s Nest store, where women can “purchase” a variety of infant care items including clothing, diapers and car seats.

Participants continue to earn points after their baby is born and until their baby turns 12 months old by attending well-baby checkups and making sure immunizations are received on time.

Any pregnant woman in Anne Arundel County is eligible to participate, but the program's emphasis is on engaging pregnant women who do not receive regular prenatal care and are at an elevated risk for having a low birth weight baby or premature birth - potential causes of infant mortality. Classes are free, are offered in both English and Spanish, and are available for teenagers.

Please visit the following link for the schedule of classes -

Registration is required prior to the first class. call 410-787-4366 to register.

301 Hospital Drive
Third Floor
Glen Burnie, Maryland   21061
Phone: (410) 787-4366