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Zeta Amicae


Zeta Amicae are professional women who have not yet completed their college degree, but have an interest in assisting local Zeta chapters with activities. Currently there are over 175 Amicae groups in the USA.


In 1948, a group of women were organized and chose the Latin name "Amicae" (friends). These groups have rendered valuable services to the sorority and their respective communities. These groups known today as the Zeta Amicae are located and sponsored in areas where there are active chapters of Zeta Phi Sorority, Inc.

Rho Eta Zeta Amicae Auxiliary was chartered on December 14, 2013 with 7 members.  The auxiliary works closely with Rho Eta Zeta Chapter.  The charter members consist of:   Amica Terrie Barnswell, Amica Laverne Lowery, Amica Geraldine Shearod, Amica A'lexus Garner, Amica Minerva Woodard, Amica Jacqueline Moye, Amica Brenda Hilliard.


For more information please contact the Zeta Amicae Auxiliary of Glen Burnie



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